What to Look for in a Tree Removal Company

Whenever you are looking for work to be done at your home, there never seems to be a shortage of providers. The same is true when you are looking for a dependable tree removal company near me. Because there are so many options available to you, you want to know you are making the best possible choice that fits your needs and your budget. The best way to do this is to have a clear understanding of what you want from a tree removal company. Then, if you keep these tips in mind, you can feel good about your selection.

Years of Experience

When looking for a dependable tree removal company near me, you want to know how long they have been providing tree removal services. This gives you some idea of the level of experience the company is bringing you. Typically, when a tree service company has been in the business long, it lets you know they have it together. Not only are they able to provide reliable tree removal services, but they also know how to run a business. While this may not seem like a big deal, it is. A long-standing business is usually organized and prepared. In addition to the years of experience a company has, you also want to know if they specialize or have specific expertise in a particular area. This is helpful if you have a special type of tree that you would live to save as much of as you can.

Dependable Service

When you are looking for a dependable tree removal company near me, you want to ensure they are truly dependable. One of the best ways to do that is to receive feedback from previous customers. You want to know if any company you are considering for stump removal has referrals or references for their work. The company can tell you anything they want, but when you talk to a previous customer, you can hear firsthand about the experience. In addition to asking for references, you can read online reviews about the company. They may have them on their website, or you can find them in other places online. You can read if any customers have any major disputes or complaints. Review sites are a good place to see their ratings and read what others have to say. Keep in mind, if there is one bad review among many positive reviews, that customer may have been demanding. However, if all the reviews are bad or there are more bad than good, you may want to think twice before hiring that company.


When you are searching for a dependable tree removal company near me, you always want a company that stands by its work. When looking for local tree companies, you want to ask about what type of warranty they provide. They may not call it a warranty; they may call it a guarantee of work. When you hire a company to remove, plant, or save your trees, you want to feel confident in their ability to do the work. One of the best ways they can show you they are sure of their abilities is to provide a guarantee for their work. Sometimes, a company can do everything right, and things still go wrong. It is nice to have some layer of protection.

Up-To-Date Licenses

A dependable tree removal company near me will have up-to-date licenses. In addition to having current licensing, you want to ensure they meet all the requirements set for by your state to remove trees. In general, every state is going to require that the company has a business license to operate. Some states may require some additional certification. It is essential that you have some awareness of what certifications a tree removal company is required to have. When a business has a license to operate, it shows that they are legitimate and serious business. If a company does not have a business license, you do not even want to consider them as an option.

Insurance Coverage

Another thing a dependable tree removal company near me has is insurance. You want the company you select to have liability insurance that will cover any damage that is done to your property. A legitimate business also has worker’s compensation insurance to protect their employees from any injuries they might sustain while providing tree pruning services on your property. This insurance can also protect you from being sued if there is an accident.

It would be best if you asked to see a copy of their insurance policies to ensure they have the proper amount of coverage. But, again, this is to protect you and your property, as well as any employees that are working on your property.

High-Quality Work

Not only do you want a dependable tree removal company near me, but you also want one that will provide quality work. There are a number of ways you can determine the quality they will provide. It would be best if you considered asking about the equipment they use. Do they have all of the equipment they need to do the job? Will they have to rent or borrow the equipment? You want them to be able to do the job well, quickly, and without damaging your property. They should have the equipment that allows tree trimmers to reach the areas they need to safely. This includes equipment like harnesses and hard hats. You want to know they take safety seriously.

You want to know how they will handle the job on your property. The more complicated the job is, the more care they must use. You want to make sure that whichever company you choose understands your goals. For example, if there is a tree you want to save, they should know that and be prepared to save that particular tree, if possible. You should know that you can ask as many questions as you would like.

It would be best if you understood how the tree removal company would care for your property. While you have one tree you want to remove, you want them to care for the rest of your property. If they must use heavy equipment, you do not want it to leave huge ruts in the ground. You also want to ensure they are not going to cause damage to the rest of your landscaping or any part of your house. You want to select a company that is going to clean up when they are finished. You want your yard to look better than it did when they showed up. You should ask about disposing of the trees they remove and if there is an additional fee.

A Certified Arborist

When you are searching for a dependable tree removal company near me, you want one that has credentials. You want a company that has arborists with special training and credentials. These credentials may include AED and CPR certification, power line safety certification, and climber safety certification. In addition, you want one that has certification from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and is certified in emergency aerial rescue.

An arborist is an expert in trees. They have received special training for the proper care of trees. Not only have they gone through a set number of coursework hours, but they also operate under a special code of ethics. When the company you choose has these credentials, you can ensure they are a safe and professional company that will handle the job with care and skill. You also want to ensure the tree company has an arborist on staff and does not hire a contractor.

Companies often feel a greater sense of responsibility to their staff. Full-time, permanent employees tend to have more loyalty to a company. While this does not mean a subcontractor will not provide you with high-quality work, there is just a greater chance.

Emergency Services

When narrowing down your choices for a dependable tree removal company near me, you want to know what additional services they offer. You may need more than just having a tree removed. You want to verify if the company offers services like grinding stumps, removing debris, and tree topping. You do not want to be left with all the heavy tree limbs to remove yourself.

Tree topping is a service that removes the top portion, or other sections, of the tree. These sections are living but must be removed for various reasons, such as coming into contact with power lines. You do not want a company that will handle tree topping without care and concern. It must be done for only specific and necessary reasons. Look for a company that offers emergency tree work. This may seem like a silly request, but when a bad storm or lightning has hit your tree, you may need the tree company to look at it and take action immediately. You can never be too careful with trees, especially ones that are close to your house.

Great Customer Service

A dependable tree removal company near me will also provide exceptional customer service. Customer service starts at the first interaction you have with a company. It may be over the phone, via the internet, or someone who stops by your home. Every interaction with the company should make you feel good about selecting them. You want them to be responsive and transparent at every step.

Great customer service begins with an estimate. Any tree felling service you choose should give you a detailed and written estimate. You do not want any surprises at the end of the job. The estimate should help you make your choice but also give you details about what services will be provided. When you receive multiple estimates, if one is much higher than the others, it could be that they overcharge. If an estimate is much lower than the others, they may not be as experienced or try to add on additional costs at the end. All of the details should be included in the estimate. Nothing should be left out of it. If you feel like something is missing, you should ask questions. You also want to know how long the company honors the quote.

Knowledge of the Neighborhood

You want a dependable tree removal company near me that has some understanding of your neighborhood. Your neighborhood may have special requirements for trees and landscaping, and your tree care service company must be aware of those. When the company you select has an awareness of your neighborhood and the surrounding areas, they may know what special permits are needed, or requirements must be followed. For example, if you live within the limits of a town, they may have rules about how far a tree must be from the street or even the types of trees you can plant. If a tree removal service has worked in your neighborhood before, you are able to walk around to see what kind of work they have done. If the company is new to your neighborhood, that does not necessarily mean you should select someone else. You should just have an awareness that they may not know all the rules.

You want to feel confident in any tree removal service you select. Do not feel like you have to pick the first company that you see. You can ask a lot of questions and talk to several companies. Most importantly, you want to feel comfortable with the service, cost, and reputation of the company before you make a selection. Selecting a contractor to do work around your house does not have to be a scary thought. However, you do need to spend time gathering information to make the best decisions.

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