Mower Financing for Self-Starters

Is it better to finance or lease a mower for your landscaping business? Financing for mowers is a popular choice for many landscaping companies. This video evaluates leasing vs financing for mowers. There is some great information that you can use to make the right decision for your business.

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The lawn mower is the backbone of any landscaping or lawn care company. The mower takes a beating because it is used all the time in a landscaping or lawn care company. This video takes a look at the “new every two” programs that a lot of mower distributors have to offer. “New after two” is a program where you lease your mower and have the option to trade it in every two years for a new mower.
Leasing is typically more expensive than financing a new mower. Of course, when you are leasing the mower, the cost never really ends. There is no point where you own the mower.
There are clear benefits to leasing a mower, but there is an equally clear benefit to buying a mower and financing it. Each program has pros and cons and this video can help you decide which kind best fits your needs. .

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