Month: June 2021

How to Install a Water Heater

If you are in need of a new water heater, you’ll need to know how to install it if you’re going down the Do It Yourself route. In this video, you will learn all about how to install a water heater. The heater that is being used to demonstrate with is a gas type. The steps required to install a different type may be different. Video Source It’s important to remember that you can call a professional anytime to install it for you to ensure it’s done properly and safely. The video will go step by step to show you exactly how to install a water heater. It recommends first checking the labels on your old heater and checking your vents before doing any replacing. All of this prep is very important to ensure your safety. It will then explain how to remove the old tank, including how to drain it. The video will show you helpful tips to make the process easier and safer. When it comes time to install the new tank, the video will show you each step in great detail. .

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Grinding a Tree Stump

Yard work is a task that many homeowners dread, but it is needed to keep your house looking great. Some people even go as far as doing their tree work on their own. This can be a bit dangerous, however. If you take it upon yourself to remove trees from your yard, you need the appropriate equipment. This video will explain how to properly grind a tree stump. Video Source After receiving your stump grinder rental, it is important to take all needed safety precautions. You should wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants, work boots, and safety gear for your head and face. It is a rather quick and inexpensive procedure. To start, use a chain saw to ensure that the stump is as low to the ground as possible. Dig up rocks and obstacles that may be at the base of the tree stump. Then, you can bring the stump grinder over and begin grinding. Make sure you are using the proper manufacturer guidelines for this. Continue watching the video to see what you’ll need to do next.

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Home Hacks: Adjusting Doors

In this YouTube video, This is Carpentry shows how to fix hinged doors. Doors do not always stay adequately hung. Start by looking at the whole door and the jams. Determine which sides have wider gaps versus the sides that are too close. Video Source There are two ways to bend a door hinge: the squeeze and the spread. The squeeze will bring the door closer to the hinge jam. The spread will push the door closer to the strike jam. Before doing either method, it’s required to thoroughly examine the door to determine which direction the door will move within the door jams. A more significant gap will require less spreading to achieve the correct spacing versus a narrower one. Spread the hinge by taking a nail set to the center of the hinge, pushing hard against the centerpiece while gently closing the door on it. The combination of these actions spreads the gap a tiny bit. Don’t do this with shiny brass or soft brass hinges to avoid denting. Squeezing the hinge involves taking a crescent wrench to the knuckles of the hinge and bending it in one direction or another. Getting it right can be tricky for the beginner.

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WATCH THIS Home Renovation

The individuals who have always wanted to remodel their houses might not know where to begin. The entire process can seem intimidating, especially for people who have never seen it in practice. They’ll learn about residential renovations very quickly just by seeing this video. When the video starts, people will see a somewhat older home that’s about to be remodeled. Video Source They’ll then see the scaffolding put into place as the workers start to remodel the building. From there, the area surrounding the house will get upgraded during the video. People will also see the house get gradually changed. The video doesn’t use much narration. People will spend most of the video seeing the technicians at work, updating the house. The video uses a lot of fast-motion techniques, making it easier to fit a lot of work into a video that’s under ten minutes long. At the end of the video, the original house is shown, giving people the chance to quickly see it compared and contrasted with the house in its current form. People will see that the location is the same, and yet everything looks completely different because of the renovation process. The new home is modern in every way.

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How Professionals Handle Water Restoration

When water enters your home (usually your basement), a large amount of damage occurs. Whether it is your belongings or the structure of your house, it can be quite dangerous. Mold becomes a risk for your loved ones, on top of losing damaged valuables. To truly fix the problem, you need to call and hire professionals who are qualified to work on water damage restoration. In this video, you will see how the job is handled. Video Source The first step is water extraction. These professionals use industrial vacuums to suck every bit of moisture from your surfaces. This can take a while depending on the size of the affected areas. Then you will want to remove all carpeting that got wet. This includes the pad underneath. The carpeting can be replaced once the entire process is complete. A dehumidifier is then used to lower moisture levels, and this monitored on a regular basis. Patience is key for water restoration.

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