How Professionals Handle Water Restoration

When water enters your home (usually your basement), a large amount of damage occurs. Whether it is your belongings or the structure of your house, it can be quite dangerous. Mold becomes a risk for your loved ones, on top of losing damaged valuables. To truly fix the problem, you need to call and hire professionals who are qualified to work on water damage restoration. In this video, you will see how the job is handled.

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The first step is water extraction. These professionals use industrial vacuums to suck every bit of moisture from your surfaces. This can take a while depending on the size of the affected areas. Then you will want to remove all carpeting that got wet. This includes the pad underneath. The carpeting can be replaced once the entire process is complete.

A dehumidifier is then used to lower moisture levels, and this monitored on a regular basis. Patience is key for water restoration.

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