House Plans With Lots of Storage and Stress-Free Space

One of the most exhilarating projects a person can engage in is planning the construction of a new home. This would include turning a dream into a reality that will encompass everything that will be featured in this home. The homeowner’s dream is that the home will offer all the creature comforts imaginable along with all the latest technological innovations, allowing for an exquisitely arranged home with all the latest modern conveniences. However, thinking in such a vast way might leave out an extremely important factor that, if not included, can cancel out some of the best thought-out plans for building a home.

It should be kept in mind that this home is where someone may live for the rest of their lives. This being the case, think about the number of materials, furniture, equipment, and general paraphernalia that tends to accumulate in homes over a lifetime. Homes can literally become one big, cluttered living space that could significantly interfere with stress-free living and deplete the experience of enjoying the home. Therefore, there are certain accommodations that should be made when designing a new home, such as creating house plans with lots of storage space.

When homeowners move into an already constructed home, they may eventually find that they must pay for storage units to store the things they no longer have the space for in that home. An advantage to creating house plans with lots of storage space included is, having learned from past experiences, the homeowner will likely have a reasonable idea about how much storage space will be necessary. The home can then be built to accommodate these needs. Regarding house plans with lots of storage, the following are suggestions for including storage spaces in a convenient, necessary, and artistic fashion.

Finished Basement

Basements are one of the first areas a homeowner might turn to when considering house plans with lots of storage. However, the tendency is that basements can become an area containing ample boxes of various sizes lined up in a haphazard manner. The idea of using the basement for anything else then becomes obsolete. The use of cabinets and shelving units can change a muddled, disorderly basement into an area with an open design that allows family members to have everything they need right at their fingertips!

It must be kept in mind that a basement is the foundation of a home, so it’ll be necessary to make sure that it’s properly leveled without cracks, correctly insulated and ventilated, and doesn’t require other structural repairs. Foundation contractors offer essential experience in this area as well as providing waterp roofing services. When planned correctly, a finished basement can not only provide the necessary space for storing multiple possessions but there can also be extra space for appreciating occasional leisure activities.

Versatile Spaces

A creative and resourceful way of adding space to a home is making use of screened in porches. Porches that are enclosed in screens are used mostly as an area for comfortably lounging with family and friends because they provide the feel of being outdoors while protecting everything inside them from weather elements, insects, and roaming animals. However, because of the provision of protection, they can also be used as a storage area where attractive cabinets, ornate shelves, and even boxes lined up in a decorative fashion can all be set up in an orderly and neat way.

All items stored inside a porch with screens will be protected and safe, so homeowners wouldn’t have to be concerned about finding someplace to keep them. Porches enclosed in screens are also an excellent way to increase living space in the home without the cost of building an extra room with permanent windows and walls. While it’s a good idea to consider a screened porch in house plans with lots of storage space, also keep in mind that, depending on the type of materials used, a screened porch can obscure the view of the outside surroundings. Although this might not matter much if the porch is used for storage purposes, homeowners should also know that it costs more to construct a porch with screens than to install an open porch.

Impenetrable Roof

House plans with lots of storage should include adding an attic. An attic can be an exceptional place for storage because the entire area can be used solely for storage purposes, thereby providing ample space. However, an impenetrable roof should also be installed so the attic will protect all the important items homeowners may decide to store there. Homeowners should consult with roofing services professionals to discuss issues such as the method to be used to build a durable impenetrable roof, the type of materials to be used, along with specifying the ventilation and insulation of the roof. It should be made impenetrable so that moisture and hot and cold air won’t cause long-term damage to the roof or the stored articles. Roofing service professionals should be involved to help homeowners obtain the right combination of construction, insulation, and a balanced ventilation system in the attic.

Private Yard

The primary reason for enclosing the backyard with fences is to give homeowners a sense of privacy and protection. After all, we’d rather not have unwanted ‘guests’ wandering in and surprising us with their unexpected visits. Having a private yard also allows people to use parts of the backyard for storage space. Building a stand-alone building just for the purpose of storage as part of the house plans with lots of storage would be a useful place to keep a variety of items of all shapes and sizes. While there are many fencing options to choose from, many of which can be reasonably inexpensive, fencing installations must comply with local building codes, as well as any HOA laws that might apply. Therefore, be sure to check what can be done legally regarding the fencing installations before making a final decision.

Fancy Bathroom

Bathrooms can be a superb place to apply magnificent home decor when thinking of it as a place for storage. When considering bathrooms in house plans with lots of storage space, the main thing that’s usually considered is the size of the bathroom. There are several things that can be done to add storage space depending on the size of the bathroom. Below are a few suggestions:

  • In a small corner, add a narrow, freestanding cabinet that has multiple shelves to place bathroom items on
  • Add cabinets with shelves over the toilet area
  • If possible, place a vanity with drawers beneath the sink to keep extra bathroom items such as toilet paper, shampoo, soap, etc.
  • Mount shelves on walls in various areas of the bathroom

Of course, to add beauty and splendor to a bathroom, a beautifully designed tiled floor installation could be added as part of a home renovation project before embarking on adding extra storage space in the bathroom. However, the most important thing is to think of the size of the bathroom, because the purpose is to store articles and accessories in a way that will keep them readily available. Therefore, proceed to add cabinets and shelving accordingly so as not to cause a chaotic, untidy appearance.

Maintained Plumbing

Building a plumbing system is an extremely vital inclusion when constructing a new home. When setting up the standard plumbing system, there are three parts to set up: pipes, fixtures, and drains. If the home will be using a septic tank, then the homeowner will have to deal with septic pumping. Septic tank maintenance must be tended to on a regular basis so that the life of the system can be fully maximized, and it can be kept in good working order. When checking with local septic pumping service companies, you’ll learn that the recommendation of the Environmental Protection Agency is to pump the septic systems every 3 to 5 years, so this must be placed on the homeowners’ to-do list. Maintaining a clean and healthy plumbing system is one of the keys to maintaining a resilient home, so consider this factor when creating house plans with lots of storage space.


As mentioned in this article, a common and basic way to acquire more storage space is by using cabinet and shelving solutions. However, another idea to consider in house plans with lots of storage is the many types of closets that can be useful and their numerous sizes. By far, a walk-in closet surpasses all other closets when it comes to space and easy access to clothing, shoes, and other items. With a walk-in closet, a person can walk into the closet and see everything all at once, as opposed to a regular closet with doors that only allow sight of what is immediately in the front. Closet organizers of all types can also be purchased from stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot to help homeowners capitalize on the use of their closet space in more effective ways as well. If large enough, walk-in closets can also have room for boxes, cabinets, shelves, and drawers in which to store other things. A tip would be to install scented cedar wood in the closet to deter roaches and other insects, moths, and mildew.

A stress-free existence consists of having all household necessities set up in a neat and orderly fashion, so homeowners won’t experience a total meltdown when it’s time to find the specific items they want. Having enough closet space designed and set up exactly how the homeowner wants will go a long way when it comes to possessing space to store an assortment of belongings.

Outdoor Amenities

Pergola awnings are also used for the purpose of having a space for relaxation and entertainment for family and friends. However, like screened porches, they are also ideal for creating outdoor space for storage purposes. A pergola is freestanding and can provide similar spacing as an average room of different sizes can provide. When an awning is attached, the space is also protected from outdoor weather elements. Awnings are available in many different colors and fabrics, so homeowners can create the exact type of pergola awning that suits their tastes. Outdoor furniture and other equipment such as grills and bars are protected when under pergola awnings and this can reduce the need to put protective coverings over them. Even better, it eliminates the need to store these outdoor articles inside the home or in a storage unit, thereby offering a perfect storage space.

Tidy Rooms

It is a good idea to think about post-construction cleaning as there will likely be a problem with construction and drywall dust that settles after the job has been completed. The home should be professionally detailed to identify and get rid of all leftover dust and debris and then subjected to a deep-cleaning process that includes the cleaning of air ducts, floors, walls, and windows. Therefore, cleaning companies should be found that offer all post-construction cleaning services, as well as sanitizing and disinfecting the entire home. These cleaning companies should be asked to present their detailed cleaning plan, a task schedule that explains precisely what will be done and completed within a specific time frame, and price options and quotes that should be requested.


Construction of a new home is an immense process that will require much thought, planning, and research. Without taking these first steps, the final construction could turn into a nightmare resulting in a lot of wasted time, energy, and money. Therefore, homeowners should take the necessary time to do their homework and have all their ideas in place before construction begins. Also, homeowners should consult with the right professionals that will help them to stay completely in tune with the process from start to finish.

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