Learn About What Goes Into Stump Grinding Costs

Have you ever wondered about what drives stump grinding costs? This video explains what you can expect to pay, and why you should expect to pay it. Stump grinding costs are relative to three things. First the species of stump plays a role, and second, the size of the stump, and finally access to the stump.

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Soft woods are less expensive than hardwoods to grind. Softwoods like Palm trees grind faster with less resistance. Hardwoods like Maples require a little more effort and usually larger machinery that is more expensive to run for the operator. The diameter of the stump will also drive costs. The larger the diameter the more expensive the grinding costs. Access is another factor when it comes to the cost of stump grinding. Easy access makes the project easier for the service. Harder access to the stump can bump up the cost. If there are obstacles in the way or the stump is located in an area that is hard to access, specialty machinery may have to be used. Specialty machinery can be more expensive for the operator which will drive up the cost.

Before you start any project you should always check for lines in the area that are buried to avoid issues.


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