How Does an AC Really Work?

This video discusses the way air condition works and problems you might face. The condensing unit sits outside of the house. This unit contains the condenser coils, the fan motor, and the compressor. The cooling coils are inside the house and mounted on top of a furnace. This pulls air in and then pushes it out into the house until the air is cooled.

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Once the air is cooled enough, it triggers the thermostat to turn off the fan. This fan remains off until the air temperature rises, which triggers the fan to come back on.

One of the most important parts of your air conditioning and efficient operation is the airflow. You should check the filters on a monthly basis and replace them as needed. The circulation blower fan may become noisy while operating. You can fix it yourself, or it could be a sign that you may need air conditioning repair. You can visit the repair clinic to address any situation that you may come across with your air conditioning unit.

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