Choosing the Right Hose Clamp Size

In this video, you will learn about hose clamp sizes. It explains with visuals, which hose clamp size is the right choice based on the project or issue. Some sizes include the worm drive, quick release clamp, and clamp banding.

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The worm drive is it is 12mm in width, and usually stainless steel. It has a carbon-plated stainless steel screw. It makes full contact with the band, giving it a lot of durability for your project at hand. There are a few easy and convenient ways to tighten them such as using power tools or a flat screwdriver. Next is the quick-release clamp. This is bigger but is slotted to alot for a tighter fit. These are used when you need to holster something really tightly. They range from 38-44 mm usually. Generally, you don’t need tools to tighten the quick-release clamp, hence why it is referred to as the quick-release clamp. You can tighten it right on the required item. Lastly, the clamp banding. These are more versatile and used most commonly. The video states that these work the best. You can either use a drill or screwdriver to tighten this around the object. These are most commonly used for home improvement tasks because they are the most versatile.

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