Increase Your Curb Appeal With New Garage Doors

Many homeowners skip the idea of replacing the garage door when doing upgrades to their homes. The Youtube video by Home Depot explains why this is a mistake. A new garage door installation is important as a garage door is approximately 40 percent of a home’s curb appeal.

Homeowners should start by measuring their garage door(s).

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A garage door specialist may offer online tools to assist the homeowner with the available design choices. With these tools, a homeowner can upload a picture of their garage door(s), and the device can help them pick different designs.

Farmer-style doors work well for many types of homes. Modern and more contemporary designs blend in with the overall design of the house. Garage door windows add natural sunlight into the room and may appear along the side or top of the door.

Once a homeowner chooses a design, the homeowner should choose between the different types of materials available: steel doors, steel doors with a faux wood finish, wood, or other materials. These materials can come with either an insulated door or an uninsulated door. Insulated garage doors offer more protection against daily life stressors and may provide more temperature regulation for the home.

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