Create a Boho Outdoor Living Space With These 10 Tips

If you love everything about a boho-themed home, the good news is that you can create a boho outdoor living space. The fact that this theme is trending a lot right now makes it easy to find ideas that you can fine-tune and put to use in your home. The cozy and inviting atmosphere is sure to make your outdoor living space a lot more fun and comfortable for you and your family, as well as any guests that you may invite over for parties and more. Here are 10 tips that you can make use of to realize your dream of getting your boho outdoor living space.

1. Add Greenery

To make sure that your home’s outdoor area has the perfect backdrop for a boho outdoor living space, you should start by getting a lot of greenery around. To get the look right, prioritize trees, shrubs, and greenery that are native to the area where you live. This is going to add the perfect natural look to your outdoor area since it’s going to blend perfectly with the rest of the environment beyond your home. To make sure that you do a proper job, you’ll do well to enlist the help of a professional arborist.

Look for a local expert who has a lot of knowledge of the greenery that grows in the area so that they can give you good advice. You can also do some research of your own so that you know what options you have to begin with. Choose plants that will not only thrive as a result of being native to the area, but that will also add a touch of magic to your yard. You can select a few trees that are known to grow large when they mature if you have the room for them so that you can enjoy them now and in the future.

2. Get the Layout Right

You need to make sure that you have the layout well-planned right from the beginning before you make any permanent additions and changes to the space. For this, you should hire backyard landscape designers to help you make sure that everything is in the right place. With their skill, it should be easy to get the ideal boho outdoor living space that you want. Remember that you’ll also need to give them some pointers about what you want the final look to be so that they can do a better job of creating the space that you want.

Ensure that there’s a convenient way to get around the backyard and reach key areas, such as a garden if you choose to plant one. The details such as the material to use in this case can be decided on once you get to the point of construction. The most important thing at this stage is to make sure that you allocate the right space and set it up realistically.

3. Plan for the Elements

Remember that nature is what will improve your boho outdoor living space and make allowances for it. To this end, think about the rain and the sun, making sure that your outdoor area is protected from the elements without getting in the way. The most applicable element in this case is water from rainfall. Because water will always find its way to lower areas, you should make plans bearing the topography of the area your home is in. While you can rely on drains and other municipal constructions to rid your home of water, it’s good to be proactive and put some measures in place yourself.

One measure that you can take, especially if you live in a climate that experiences heavy downpours, is to dig a decorative but also functional drain for excess water. Decorate this with something like agricultural drain tile so that it adds to the allure of your outdoor space. Remember to invest in quality materials in this case, since the weather can be quite relentless, and you don’t want to expose your construction to fading and rapid wear and tear.

4. Clean and Repair

Your boho outdoor living space needs to be clean and in great shape at all times, and you can make this the case by starting on the right foundation. This foundation consists of a clean area that’s free of excessive debris and that doesn’t already have damage on it. Fix repairs and cracks on your hardscape with the help of local hardscaping companies that you know are capable of doing a good job.

If there’s a particular area that’s too far gone for repair and you need to do an entire replacement, take this opportunity to model the hardscape to match the rest of the space perfectly. Remember to find out from the professionals what specific maintenance steps you need to take so that you can take the best care of your hardscape over time.

5. Plan for Success

Once you’ve put down a solid foundation and you have a great layout for your boho outdoor living space, it’s time to make plans for the future. You want to give all the trees and other greenery that you planted a chance to thrive in the future. One of how you can do this at the beginning is to look into bulk mulch delivery so that you can apply it at the right time and as often as necessary. This will be cheaper and a lot more efficient for you at the beginning, so ask the landscapers that you know about this.

Over time, you can look into natural alternatives like starting a compost pit. With one, you’ll improve your home’s eco-friendliness and save money on fertilizer and other things like that. You can also make your own mulch alongside composting and give your home the ultimate green look and feel.

6. Secure Your Hard Work

While you’ll want nothing more than to show off your beautiful boho outdoor living space, it’s a good idea to protect it. You can do this by calling a retaining wall service to construct a retaining wall around any landscaping improvements that you make so that the soil isn’t eroded. Over time, the improvements that you make and secure using retaining walls can help you take good care of your layout and ensure that you can enjoy it for a long time to come and have no accidents. Look into other solutions for each change that you make to your yard so that you keep it in place and look its best for years, decades, or even longer.

While taking care of your improvements, don’t forget about your home in general. For this, you should install a fence that will help improve security so that you can be comfortable whenever you sit outside to enjoy your new space. Look into a fence material that will be durable and easy to maintain, as well as one that will match the overall boho theme and add to the general effect. Some of the best materials with this in mind are wood and natural stone, although you can also get an impressive effect by using artificial materials if they’re designed well and installed the right way.

7. Install Ample Lighting and Furniture

You’re bound to enjoy your boho outdoor living space a lot, so much so that you may be motivated to spend time outdoors after dark. This is especially likely to be the case if you’re entertaining guests, or you have a small party at your home. To avoid having your fun put to an end by the sunset, install lighting in your outdoor area. This will not only beautify it even more, but it will also make it safer since a well-lit yard isn’t the most appealing space for a would-be burglar to attempt to break in. It’s a fact that well-lit outdoor living spaces can improve the safety of a residence by a significant degree.

Keep things flowing with the boho theme, in this case by installing fairy lights and using unusual lighting fixtures, including some that are made of or decorated with natural materials. Look into solar-powered LED lighting that’s going to give your landscape ample lighting without driving up energy bills. LED bulbs are also better for the environment and they last for a longer time, which makes them the best option to pick. You’ll need to change them less often, and you can have them as close to the greenery as you like since they emit minimal heat. Make sure that the wiring and installation for them, if complex, is done by a professional so that it’s safe and works efficiently.

8. Build a Deck

If your home doesn’t already have a deck, consider building one to enhance your boho outdoor living space. A beautiful deck will increase your home’s livable area, making it more valuable as well. You simply need to check online and in magazines to see if there are any designs that you especially like. Next, hire a deck builder to advise you about the details of the deck that you choose and also help you work out the entire process. Pick a material that’s going to weather storms well without developing severe damage and make sure that you can maintain it over time, with or without the help of a professional.

You can choose to cover the deck or leave it open depending on the specific needs that you have with it. That said, a covered deck is the best option to go for because it will provide shelter for any outdoor furniture that you place on it. Covering the deck can also make it easier for you to get creative with the lighting and decor, so remember to weigh the pros and cons well before you make your decision.

9. Keep Things Natural

A boho outdoor living space, as is repeated throughout this article, is generally one that feels natural and cozy. That’s why you need to try and stick to this theme to the greatest point that you can. This shouldn’t be too hard to incorporate into outdoor living design, since you can make sure that things like furniture are made of natural materials. The decor that you add should also be handmade if possible, and make the most use of colorful and natural materials to improve the appeal. The best way to get unique pieces that fit with the overall mood of the space is to buy thrift items.

You can shop at your leisure, getting one piece at a time until you have everything that you need. The result of this is that you’ll save money while you also curate the perfect, whimsical space outside your home. Make sure that you shop with a purpose, only buying an item that you have a clear idea of how you can put it to use. This will save you from ending up with a collection of things that you may not ever get around to using, and that ends up costing you money and space just to store.

10. Invest in Weed Control

Last but not least, remember to look into weed control and put measures in place right from the start. That’s because, while you want a natural and easy-going look to achieve the boho effect, there needs to be some order throughout. Weeds can also take over your landscape if you’re not careful, proving expensive and quite difficult to get rid of once they take up root. If possible, look into natural weed control measures that you can handle all by yourself so that you find it easier to stay on top of things. By using natural measures, you’re likely to do less damage to the environment, and you’ll also stay true to the theme.

These 10 tips should give you a good idea about where to start when you want to create an amazing boho outdoor living space. Make plans and always hire professionals when you need help so that you can be assured of getting your money’s worth. Learn about everything before you make a commitment to avoid regrets down the road, and soon enough, you’ll have a magazine-worthy boho outdoor area of your own.

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