FAQs About Arborist Tree Ropes

According to the video, several questions surround arborist tree ropes. One question is regarding the quality of the ropes. If you pay more for your rope, is it a better rope? The short answer is yes, you’ll get better quality ropes that can sustain heavier weights, and the longevity of the rope will last longer than others. These arborist tree ropes also have more strands, almost always 12 strands.

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Another question asked surrounds rope coating. Are they all coated with urethane coating when you’re looking for a rope? The answer is no, some brands do, but not all of them. This is because those are meant to go through some extremely rough terrain that uncoated ropes likely wouldn’t go through for most of their jobs.

Another question surrounds abrasion resistance. Does abrasion resistance matter? Yes, the stronger the resistance the better the rope will perform. Are there cheaper ropes that can afford to get dirty? Yes, the economical ropes are more affordable and better to use if you’re going to move the tree through thick mud. Your good ropes will not get dirty or damaged, but you only want to use these ropes in these types of situations. You won’t get as much use out of them as you would the higher-quality ropes.


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