Which IKEA Furniture Should You Avoid?

IKEA is world-renown for their extensive collection of trendy, simple, and easily-assembled furniture. Whether you need a whole new furniture collection or a single light fixture, IKEA’s the place to go. With their humongous showrooms, you can view your potential furniture in a real space, which is crucial to finding the perfect piece for you. IKEA truly is an exquisite place to shop and eat, but not every IKEA furniture piece is created equal.

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In this video, we will take a quick look at which IKEA pieces to avoid and which other pieces would work well to replace them. Let’s get started!

Firstly, avoid getting the mass-produced art that IKEA sells. These designs are literally everywhere all around the world, and if you want your room to stand out, your art should too! Opt for one of their frames instead, and get your own custom art printed for your walls. Next, avoid the cheap paper lanterns and pendants. A lighting fixture is an incredibly important element in your space, so opt for a more modern lamp that won’t scream “college dorm” when you see it. Finally, stay away from the Svenbertil chair. It’s creaky and extremely uncomfortable. Opt for the Norraryd or Nilsove instead.


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