What Do You Need to Start a Plant Nursery?

Looking into starting a plant nursery now that you work from home and have the time to run a small business? This video has some great tips on how you can start one right in your backyard or start your own business down the road. There are five steps to starting a nursery for plants. Firstly, you should identify the types of plants you want to grow as well as the volume it will take to propagate. This is a huge part of starting a plant nursery because you will need to ensure you have a greenhouse of the right size.

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You don’t want to have a nursery that looks unorganized or overgrown.

You should also become knowledgeable about how you grow these particular plants and where you can sell them to make some profit. It’s very important that you understand the basics of taking care of plants and know what resources you will need to do so. What tools do you need and what materials will give your plants the nutrients they need to grow properly? Also, understanding how much you can charge for your plants can make you richer, so see what other people are selling them for and go from there.


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