Dont Make These Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

If you are planning to tackle a kitchen remodeling project soon, it’s important you know what mistakes homeowners make in the process. Avoiding these mistakes with kitchen remodeling will not only save you a headache, but also save you money, and have to redo your original remodeling project.

Common Mistake #1

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, everyone wants to have the best cabinets and table. What they might forget about because they are too excited is the sizing.

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If you make your brand new granite table too big, it will be obstructing other areas in your kitchen and can turn into a hassle.

Common Mistake #2

When you’re looking into cabinets, it’s important to remember it’s not about size or looks. You also need to be strategic in remembering what will be going into your cabinets. So remember, you will want to have plates and cups near the sink, as well as bottom space to store cleaning materials or pots and pans. This is something many people are accustomed to so it’s easy to forget that it still needs to be planned out in the remodeling process.

Common Mistake #3

The last mistake is lighting, due to the amount of cooking and safety hazards. It’s super important you are able to clearly see what you’re doing!


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