Best Ways to Maintain Your Gutters

Your gutters should be cleaned at least once a year to remove anything that blocks the flow of water away from your roof. Seals often need replacing every one to five years, or they cause leaks. The Home Depot lists the best ways to maintain your all-important gutters.

If you have mobility issues, you should not be standing on a ladder. You are better off hiring a service that offers gutter cleaning maintenance programs that clean your gutters annually. This will save you money in the long run.

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If you have a ladder and are healthy, then you can clean your gutters yourself. Make sure your ladder is on level ground. Use two buckets. Place tools you may need in one and debris from the gutters in the other. Hook the buckets on your ladder. Be sure to wear work gloves.

Use a trowel, gutter scoop, or your hands to remove the debris. Next, remove and clean the downspout strainers. Finally, give your gutters a good flush with a hose. Check for leaks. If you find any, repair them with a sealant.

Also, check that water is flowing freely out of your downspout. If there is hardly any water coming out when you rinse the gutters, you have a clog. Turn the hose on full blast to dislodge it. If the clog does not come out, call a professional.

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