Whats the Best Way to Construct Scaffolding

This video shows a construction scaffolder teaching viewers how to install a three-tier scaffolding system to enable them to install one on their own. This allows you to do your own windows, siding, soffit, and fascia, just to name a few.

It can be slightly dangerous, so it is best to know all the details of building scaffolding.

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This is a two-person operation.

You start with the first stage, which is the feet. You will need four leveling feet and a leveling block (brick, concrete). Use a level to ensure the scaffolding is level. There are a few main components to scaffolding. First, there are ‘ladders’ at either end with pin-and-scissor locks on both sides to create stability. Once you connect them to all four corners and get it level, your scaffold is strong.

Your scaffold should have a safety catch so it cannot be knocked over. When you are building the higher stages, you want to climb the ladder from the inside. So when someone is handing you the side ladders for the top levels, they should hand it to you from the sides and not the front. Be sure to watch the video for more details.

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