Which Tile Is Right for You?

There are so many tiles to choose from for your home improvement project, that choosing one can seem overwhelming. Here are tips from Cindy Flottman, principal designer for Roux Design Studio, on how to pick the right residential tile for you.

Take a good look at the size of the room you want to tile. Is it large or small? Larger format tiles look best in large spaces, while smaller format tiles look best in small spaces.

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No matter what size tile, there will be grout to clean. Larger format tiles mean less grout to maintain in large rooms.

In small rooms, even smaller format tiles can add a touch of color and drama to the floors. There are more options for varied colors and bold patterns in smaller format tiles than for larger format tiles. In a large room, the dramatic tiles can be overwhelming.

For areas that get wet often, such as in bathrooms, never choose highly polished tiles. When wet, these tiles become dangerously slippery. Instead, choose textured tiles. When touching it, it should feel like natural stone, even if it is made from porcelain. Smooth tiles are okay only if they have a matte or anti-slip finish.

Shower tiles should be, at the largest, two inches square. This gives you enough traction so that you are less likely to slip when the shower is wet.

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