Your Guide to Pruning a Large Tree

In this video, you’ll learn some basic tips on how to properly prune a tree for the long term without using a tree trimming service.

Step 1. Identify the Branches to Be Cut

The first step is to determine which branches need to be cut. Most people make the mistake of trimming or cutting off small branches that are overhanging.

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Instead, you’ll want to cut off more major branches in order to provide a longer-term solution. So, take a look at the tree and determine a few of the best bigger branches to cut down.

Step 2. Three Cuts

Next, you’ll want to cut each branch in a specific way to avoid the branch from getting torn from the tree and to make sure the cut section can still regrow, allowing the tree to survive. In order to do this, first cut the overhanging branches that you don’t want. Next, cut midway from the trunk of the tree to the midpoint of the branch. Finally, cut near the base of the branch near the trunk of the tree.

Step 3. Cut Off Dead Branches

Don’t ignore small and dead branches, instead use a pull saw for small dead branches that you cannot reach. Make sure to get as many as possible in order to promote a healthier tree that is not overburdened with dead branches.

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